Building Commissioning

· Building Systems Commissioning: the systematic process of verifying and documenting that building systems are installed and perform according to the design intent and the owner’s project requirements. (ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005)

· Providing a Variety of Commissioning Services:

§ Creating commissioning documents

§ Implementing and executing commissioning services

§ Commissioning Authority

§ Commissioning Manager

§ Commissioning Training

§ Commissioning Program Development

§ Retro-commissioning—existing buildings that have not been commissioned before

§ Recommissioning—existing buildings that have been commissioned before

Building Evaluations, Investigations, and Studies

· Building Evaluations and Investigations (Building Forensics): survey existing buildings and report conditions; trouble-shoot systems

Technical Checks

· Technical Coordination Checks: quick, relatively inexpensive technical coordination checks for Owners, A/E’s, and Engineering firms to enhance quality control

· Technical constructability checks for mechanical systems

Special Mechanical   Design

· Special Mechanical Design: “green” mechanical engineering design for residential and small commercial projects, with special emphasis on integrated design

Services Offered

L.L. Catey Engineering Services LogoWater Samples for Monitoring System Cleaning

Monitoring and verifying flushing and cleaning of piping systems

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